Tw T Dub Jackson - Does His System Work?

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Published: 14th December 2009
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The Magic of Making Up is a popular e book for "how to get back with you ex". Does it actually work?


T.W. Jackson is the writer of the Magic of Making Up. Jackson is an average man who lived among many cultures worldwide during his long military career. During those years, he was also exposed to the relationship issues among his military friends, where the divorce rate is known to be quite high.

Across his military career, TW Jackson says he was able to develop a keen sense of how relationships work and what can make them fall apart.

Finding a way to look past the "emotional drama" of a breakup is the focus of the book. This will allow you to see the situation more calmly and rationally. This is your best hope, says Jackson, of pinpointing the real issues and to find a solution.

Even if only one of you knows the right things to do and say, Jackson says that almost any breakup can be stopped. The guide outlines numerous ways to help you move past the drama and many techniques to re-start healthy communication.


Some of the ideas in the Magic of Making Up are common sense while others are outside-the-box approaches you probably have never heard of. They can be amazingly powerful if you use them sincerely.

By applying carefully what Jackson says, you can quickly get a birds-eye-view of the true causes of your fighting. Small shifts in behavior and perspective that you may never have thought of can have a huge difference.


No. An abusive relationship requires immediate professional assistance.

As well, if you are the type of person who needs an outside person to guide and motivate you to act, a professional counsellor is probably a better choice for you. The guidance in The Magic of Making Up is easy to understand and is powerful, but you must provide the follow-through and motivation to act yourself.

If you are serious about wanting to fix your relationship and can commit to ACTING on the material, Magic of Making Up can give you many very powerful tools.

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